Now is not the time to bust out your infamous shrimp scampi skills or your great-great grandmas 100 year old lasagna recipe. It's Super Bowl time...and no Super Bowl party is complete without having most, if not all, of the food items listed below. If you want your guests heading for the door by pretending to receive family emergency phone calls, then by all means whip up an excellent chicken pot pie. But...if you want your party to rage beyond the passing out of championship gear, then make sure your Super Bowl menu is filled with these cherished football food classics.

***NOTE: This article only displays food selections, not beverage selections. We are assuming that you are smart enough to know that you better have a crap load of beer and liquor available. If you aren't planning on having these items...then forget the party. You most likely won't have any friends to invite anyway.

  1. Chicken Wings. The quintessential football food staple. Watching football without chicken wings is like watching a baby bunny die. It's disturbing.

  2. Nachos. Sure everyone fights to get the chip with all of the cheese piled on it...but isn't that what football is all about? Fighting for survival?

  3. Potato Skins. This is the ultimate beer soak up finger food. Two skins will absorb two football quarters worth of alcohol. You might just be able to drive home after all.

  4. Vats of Dips. From taco dips and salsa, to guacamole and queso, these chip accessories keep guests happy. Tip: Beware of the double dip invitee. There's always one at every party.

  5. Pigs in a Blanket. Honor thy pigskin by rolling up a wiener in some dough and baking it to perfection. Add bacon to it...and you have yourself an immediate touch down with a 2-pt conversion.

  6. Pizza. It's not Digiorno...it's delivery!! Heck, maybe you'll get lucky and Peyton Manning will show up with your Papa John's order. Turns out he's got no plans this Sunday.

  7. Chili. A total football fan favorite. This classic tex-mex dish has been devoured by beer guzzling tailgaters for decades on end. It's hot and spicy...just like your party guests.

  8. Meatballs. Come on...balls of meat. Do we really need to say anymore here? No we don't.

  9. Vegetable Platter. We know this goes against every other menu item listed here...but, offering vegetables just shows your guests that you somewhat care about their health too!

  10. 5 Foot Long Sub. To serve up a meat filled sandwich that is as long as your shortest guest is tall, will definitely make you the MVP of the Super Bowl party. Trust us! 
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